Carrier 24ACC6 16 SEER Air Conditioner Review

by admin on June 3, 2012

The Carrier 24ACC6 Air Conditioner is a high quality product from Carrier Company. This model is made using quality and highly durable components enabling it to function effectively for long periods. Consumers like this model due to its pocket friendly price and efficiency in cooling of the home.  When looking for a reliable air conditioning system you should always check the performance and efficiency of the model.

Carrier 24ACC6 Air Conditioner Pros

This model has a 16 SEER rating which has enabled it to get certified by the energy star. Such high efficiency also means it is low on energy consumption and would lower your utility bills if it replaces the older model you have in your home.  This is a single stage operation model that uses the highly reliable scroll compressor to offer exceptional cooling experience. This compressor is covered by a sound blanket ensuring it makes minimal noises. This has enabled the unit to operate with noises as low as 72 db.  This model uses the mictrotube coil together with the corrosion resistant coil made suing aluminum fins. This enables it to offer excellent heat transfer. Consumers like this unit because it uses the puron refrigerant that is ozone friendly. This model is available in a number of variants with ton capacities ranging from 1.5- 5 ton capacities. It also is compatible with the Edge thermidistat or the standard thermostat thus enhancing temperature control. Other important features include the filter drier , the internal pressure relief valve and the internal thermal load valve that enhances the overall performance of the model. The compressor is protected from the effects of extreme pressures by the pressure switches while all functional parts are protected by a strong steel cabinet. Thi cabinet is painted to ensure it is corrosion and rust resistant.

Carrier 24ACC6 Air Conditioner Cons

The Carrier 24ACC6 Air Conditioner is a high performance and very reliable model and so far there have been no cases reporting any malfunctions. The only limitation with this model is that it lacks infinity control meaning it does not offer precise temperature control. This model does not also offer good cooling services in extremely hot areas.

Carrier 24ACC6 Air Conditioner Price

This model is available with most dealers close to you. You can obtain the best price by comparing the quotes from different dealers. On average the unit goes for approximately $2069 and is covered by a ten year warranty. For the warranty to be active the product has to be registered.

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